About notification center.

Your notification bell will be sure to pop up when you engage in a collaborative effort with your team. When it does, a number next to the notification bell tells you how many notifications there are and what you need to focus on.

Notifications include posts, comments, likes, chat messages, etc. With the help of the notification center, you are sure to stay on top of things!

1 │ WorkDo Notification Center

The notifications are all things that are important and pertaining to you, such as published posts, edits, likes received, comments left, or approved leaves, expenses, overtime applications and other requests. So keep checking back to WorkDo and make sure you don’t miss out on important stuff.

  • Unread │ Blue background
  • Read │ Grayed out

2 │ Dashboard Notifications

When you receive different types of tool notifications, the dashboard will also show numbers next to the corresponding tools, this helps you quickly identify what needs your attention.

  • Unread │ A read dot or a number next to the tools
  • Read │ No indicators
  • Please refer to this FAQ to change your notification settings.
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