What are federated accounts?

Trouble remembering your login information? 

Don’t sweat it! Instead of setting up another set of login account and password, by taking advantage of the federated login, you too, can swiftly log in to WorkDo using your existing Google, Apple ID, Facebook or WeChat account.

Account Constraints

01 │ WorkDo Account
At the moment, WorkDo requires either an email address or a mobile phone number sign up.

  • Mobile Phone Number:Users are allowed to bind one phone number to their accounts.
  • Email:Users are allowed to bind multiple emails to their accounts.

02 │ Federated Login
Currently,  Facebook, Google, Apple ID and WeChat are the supported external accounts. Users are allowed to bind one of each external account.

Federated Account Linking
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users
  1. Enter Accounts Menu.
    • App │ Click the icon on the upper-right-hand corner > Accounts.
    • Web │ Click the icon > click App Settings.
  2. Displayed as WorkDo Account and Federated Account, the lined accounts are what you can use as your login account.
  3. Select Not Linked in the app to link a account.
  4. Account Verification
    • WorkDo Account │ Enter a mobile phone number or an eamil address then enter the verification code sent via SMS or email.
    • Federated Account │ Log in via linked Google, Apple ID, Facebook or WeChat account.
  5. Once the accounts are linked, you can use them to log in to WorkDo.

  • Use an email or a mobile phone number to sign up WorkDo and set a dedicated password. This password is paired with all federated accounts that are linked.
  • If you used Google, Apple ID, Facebook or WeChat upon sign up, password set up is not required. It is only when you link an email or mobile phone number will you be asked to set a password.
  • If you used different copany emails to join different workplaces, the company emails will be automatically linked as your federated accounts.
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