User Guide

User Guide

Follow the steps of our user guide and start building an efficient workplace!


How to set up tool roles, HR functions, departments and more!

Complete the setup using this user guide!

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A semi-automatic payroll calculator that satisfies companies of all sizes

and scales and greatly reduces time for employee payroll calculation!

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Set up WiFi and GPS locations, allow remote clocks and who can clock.

Clock in and out has never been easier!

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Check In

Check in/out of places to report your progress to your team. This is the perfect tool for your mobile workforce that runs from place to place!

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A simple leave management tool for applying and processing leaves.

A simplified version of Leave Pro.

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Leave Pro

Auto grant of leaves, carryover leaves, balance calculations and more!

Follow the steps and check out the examples to master this tool!

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Manage shifts with ease!

Create shift tables, assign shifts, it's all in here!

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Quickly manage employees' overtime hours!

With a few clicks of the finger and you're set!

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An easy way to track project work hours and man-hours!

Timely allocate your human resources based on priorities.

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Apply for expenses easily with your mobile device or PC.

Manage your expenses has never been easier!

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A must-have to effectively raise team output!

It simplifies the traditionally cumbersome process.

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A centralized database for all client info.

Manage clients with precision to raise client satisfaction!

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Conf. Rm

Book and manage conference rooms online.

Maximize your conference rooms' usage!

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