How to log out of WorkDo?

You don’t have to log out of WorkDo, because WorkDo supports multi-device login, if you use a new device to log in to your WorkDo account, everything will be synced up and up-to-date. But if you really intend to log out, please follow the steps below.

Log Out of WorkDo
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  • Web
    1. Click the profile icon as shown here Workplace-01.
    2. Click Log Out.
    3. Click the Confirm button on the prompt to log out.
  • App
    1. On the workplace screen.
    2. Select the 3-dot icon on the upper-right hand corner.
    3. Click Accounts.
    4. Select Log Out highlighted in red.
    5. Select Yes on the log Out Prompt.
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