What payment currencies does WorkDo accept?

Liking what you see so far? Would you like to subscribe WorkDo for your team?

As of now, the only acceptable currencies are New Taiwan Dollar and United States Dollar, and the payment currency is determined by the region of your workplace in WorkDo upon creation. All workplaces created outside of Taiwan will pay in USD when they wish to subscribe to one of the paid plans.

Follow the steps below to verify your workplace region. If you require a location or region change, please use the feedback function to send us a request.

Verify Workplace Region
Plan:All plans
Permission:MemberWorkplace admin


  1. Enter the Workplace Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Workplace Profile.
    • App │ Click Workplace Info to view the workplace regional information.
    • Web │ Click the Edit button next to the workplace name to view regional information.
  3. Please use the feedback function to send a request if your workplace requires a region change.


  • The Currency option listed on the bottom of Workplace Info is not the payment currency but rather the currency used by the Expenses and Cashbook tools.
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