How do I invite new members to the group?

Whether is team collaboration or group discussion, you need to be able to instantly bring the right people into the group to reduce the decision-making time and avoid the golden opportunity passing by.

WorkDo offers multiple ways to invite team members into the groups, including invites via QR code, from workplace roster, buddy list, or Do-ID, etc, just go with what works for you!

Plan: All plans

Permission: Group members    Group admins

Interface: App Web

Invite New Members into Groups via Group QR Code, Link
  1. Enter the Group Settings.
  2. Click Group QR Code.
  3. Select a sharing method.
    • Display QR Code
      Display the group QR code for members to scan and join the group.
    • Save QR Code
      Download the QR code and share it however you wish. Right click then svae the file for the web version.
    • Copy Link
      Share the group QR code as a link and share it as you would normally.
    • Refresh QR Code
      The group QR code doesn’t expire, however, in certain situations, you might want to refresh it. Simply click the icon on the QR code screen and select Refresh to update the QR code.
Invite New Members into Groups via Add Members Method
  1. Enter the Group Settings.
  2. Click Add Members.
  3. Select an invite method.
    • Workplace Roster │ Select members from the entire workplace roster.
    • Groups │ Add members from your other groups into the current group.
    • Buddies │ Select from your buddy list into the current group.
    • Scan QR Code │ Scan a QR code to join the group.
      This is an app-only function. Click the QR Code tab to turn on your QR code scanner and scan the QR code to join the group.
    • Search Do-ID │ Use the Do-ID to search a member to add to the group, and this method will work for members who have set their Do-IDs.
      Click the Do-ID tab and input a member’s Do-ID to send a group invite.


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