How does the automated process of overtime convert to compensatory leave work?

Well, if you had enabled the Leave Pro tool, the system will automatically grant the appropriate amount of compensatory leaves to employees without any manual labor, so you can use your valuable time on things that matter!

When Overtime and Leave Pro work in tandem, the compensatory leave will be available as one of the leave types in Leave Pro. From here on, employees’ overtime hours will be automatically converted into compensatory leaves when their overtime requests are approved.

  • The prerequisites for the automated process are that the Compensatory Leave is selected and approved by the applicant and the approver.
  • Compensatory Leave is a unique leave type, and although you may change the rules of the compensatory leave, do be careful not to create similar leave types to avoid mix-ups!
  • Wanna know more about the Overtime tool? Check out the Leave Tool Manual!

Download Overtime Tool Manual

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