How come employees can’t apply for overtime even when the Overtime settings are completed?

In principle, if the workplace admins had properly completed the Overtime tool settings, employees may begin applying for overtime hours. But if your employees are reporting otherwise, please follow the instructions here to see whether you have missed some settings or steps.

You may configure the settings using the web version of WorkDo if you role in the Overtime tool is HR Staff.

Overtime Tool Troubleshooting
Permission:MemberWorkplace adminTool admin
Tool Role:EmployeeManagerHR Staff

STEP 1 │ Overtime is not in the toolbox.
Please make sure that you have set employees’ tool roles to Employee or higher, else, those set to No Role will not be able to see the Overtime tool available in their toolbox.

How to change employees’ tool roles?

STEP 2 │ Error message when applying for overtime.

    1. Applicable Employee Types
      Only applicable employee types are allowed to apply for overtime hours, so if there are employees who are seeing an error message upon applying, please make sure that they are the right types of employees who are allowed to apply for overtime in the General Settings.
    2. What are the necessary settings to get Overtime up and running?

    3. Employment Type in the HR tool
      As mentioned, the applicable employee types are crucial to whether employees are allowed to use Overtime, but defining each employee’s type is set in the HR tool. So be sure to properly set each employee’s type in the Profiles, which is call Employment Type here.

Adjusting employee profiles.

STEP 3 │ Overtime hours not allowed.

    1. Work Hours in the HR tool
      Overtime refers to the set work hours of each employee, and employees can’t apply for overtime hours that fall within their regular work time. Please check the Work Hours in the HR tool to see whether each employee’s work time has been properly set.
    2. The HR Calendar
      Extending from the last point, if the workplace’s HR Calendar is not set correctly, employees will be unable to apply for overtime hours if it is considered as a regular work day.

Why can’t I apply for overtime hours on federal holidays?


  • Please note that only the HR Staff of the HR tool may change the HR settings and the HR Staff of the Overtime tool may change the Overtime settings!
  • Wanna know more about the Overtime tool? Check out the Overtime Tool Manual!

Download Overtime Tool Manual

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