Can I clock in/out when I’m not in the office or working from home?

Whether you are visiting clients, working on-site or working from home, so long the HR Staff has permitted you to clock in/out from remote sites, then you are allowed to clock in/out anywhere. Follow the instructions below to see if remote clock is enabled for you.

Verify Remote Clock Permission
Permission:All users


  1. Select the Attendance tool.
  2. Click Settings > Clock Methods.
  3. Remote Clock.
    • All Allowed │ All members are allowed to clock remotely,
    • Not Allowed │ Remote clock is disabled to all members.
    • By User │ Meaning some members are allowed to clock remotely.
  4. Return to the last screen.
  5. Click the Clock In/Out screen. If you are outside of the set clocking ranges and Remote Clock is shown, then you are allowed to remote clock in/out. 


  • Remote Clock uses your device’s GPS location for clocking in/out.
  • If you are working from home or on-site, you may provide your physical location for the HR Staff to set a GPS location for you to clock in/out, too.
  • If your workplace has a mobile workforce or sales team who are running from place to place, we recommend you use our Check In tool instead.

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