4 tips you want to know about We Buy.

We Buy is the perfect group buy tool! It automatically calculates the quantity and subtotal of each item ordered by every member, then it generates a comprehensive purchase report that makes it easy to organize group purchases.

Here are some tips on We Buy that will make it easier to organize group purchases!

1 │ Public or Private?

There is an option to make the deal public or non-public. Non-public deals will not appear in the list of ongoing deals, and anyone who wishes to make a purchase will need to obtain the deal link first.

This option is only available in the web version. Deals created using the app version will always be public and can’t be changed.

2 │ Share Order Status?

The Share Order Status option will display all items’ quantity ordered to everyone. 

This option is checked off by default for all deals, and you will need to use the web version to change it if you don’t want to share the order status information.

3 │ Allow Deal Duplication?

Wanna open up past popular deals?

If this option is checked off in the advanced settings, then other members can duplicate this deal and use it as a template to create a new deal. Convenient, right?

This option is checked off by default for all deals, and you will need to use the web version to change it.

4 │ Currency Type

You may change the currency for your deal if needed in the advanced settings. Please refer to this FAQ if you want to set a default currency.

  • Option
  • App
  • Web
  • Setting Change
  • Public / Private Deal
  • Web
  • Share order status
  • Web
  • Deal duplication
  • Web
  • Currency
  • USD
  • USD
  • FAQ

│ Default is marked with  │

Organize a Private Deal
Permission:Deal Creator


  1. Switch to the We Buy tool.
  2. Click Deals by Me.
  3. Click + Create.
  4. Deal information.
    • Deal │ Topic, time, public or non-public, etc.
    • Items │ Click + Add to add items, descriptions and set order limits, etc.
    • Advanced Settings │ Group purchase description, category, minimum and maximum purchase quantity, view order status, deal duplication and currency, etc.
  5. Click Finish and your deal has been created. At this point, you can still make changes before you publish the deal.
  6. Publish
    • Use the checkbox to select a deal.
    • Click the Publish button and your deal is ready to take orders.


  • Note that some default settings will be different when creating deals using the app and web version. Please use the web version to change these settings.
  • A deal is immediately published when created using the app.
    1. Click the + button on the bottom right-hand corner in the Ongoing Deals page.
    2. Or click the More tab, select Deals by Me then click the + button on the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Please contact the tool admin for adding new categories if the existing ones don’t fit category of your deal.
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