What kind of third-party software integration does WorkDo offer?

Can WorkDo connect to our existing software?

Well, as an all-in-one team communication and collaboration platform, WorkDo is designed to replace and eliminate the use of unintegrated software and platforms to improve team productivity. But still, we do offer the integration of software robots.

Here’s a look at some of the frequently asked questions on system integration.

1 │ Time clock software, fingerprint access control systems
WorkDo’s Attendance tool allows employees to clock in/out using designated Wi-fi hotspots and GPS via their mobile devices. And a comprehensive attendance report and logs are available for perusal. The Attendance tool is sure to replace any time clock system you are using (Attendance tool features).

2 │ Google and Outlook calendars
The notifications from the 8 basic tools in WorkDo will remind you of any upcoming work-related events, meetings and due tasks. But you can also subscribe to an external calendar and keep using your favorite calendar.

3 │ Other HRS, attendance and payroll management system
Each system’s logics and settings are different, so WorkDo does not offer integration to these systems. However, WorkDo does have corresponding tools that can get the job done just as well, if not better! We recommend that you keep using your existing systems and WorkDo in unison, then gradually shift to WorkDo when you are certain that WorkDo can completely replace them.

Here’s a look at the kind of reports and data import functions WorkDo offers!

  • Import │ The HR tool and the Leave Pro tool both allow batch importing employee profiles and leaves. This is the quickest way to bring everyone into the workplace and begin working and collaborating.
  • Report │ Attendance, Check In, Leave, Leave Pro, Overtime, Expenses, Payroll and We Buy tools all offer their corresponding Excel, CVS and PDF reports for download.
  • Payroll Calculation │ You may use Payroll to input the variables and equations into the system to calculate employees’ pays. For companies with complex pay calculation methods, you take advantage of the system to help you calculate partially and then take over manually.

Manual Download

4 │ Robot APIs
WorkDo offers robot APIs that you can program and use to notify service statuses of WorkDo via chats (/chat) or notes (/note). If your workplace has engineers who can make use of the APIs, please set them as workplace admins to access the robot APIs.

Robot APIs
Plan:All plans
Permission:MemberWorkplace admin, Group admin


  1. Enter Workplace Settings or Group Settings.
  2. Click Robot.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the settings.


Set Up Notes
  • Robot APIs are a workplace level setting, however, once set, it can be assigned to any groups.
  • The robot still complies with the Who Can Chat or Post options in the Privacy section of the workplace or group, if it is set to only owner and admins are allowed to chat or post, the robot must be assigned as an admin.
  • Use the feedback function to contact us for further assistance if required.
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