How view members’ contact information?

How do I know who is in the group or workplace? Is there a way to know team members’ contact information?

You can view the participants of the groups and workplaces you are in, and if the workplace HR Staff had filled out all the employee contact information fields, then team members are able to view one another’s contact information, such as emails and extension numbers.

View Workplace, Group Members and Their Contact Information.
Plan:All plans
Permission:All members

STEP 1 │ View Workplace, Group Members
The methods described below show how to view the workplace and group members you are in, you may also view their contact information in the workplace level.

    1. Click Roster in the workplace or click Member List in the group. 
    2. Click Workplace Settings then Roster or click Group settings then Member List. 

STEP 2 │ View Members’ Contact Information

  1. The quickest way to get a hold of a member is to add them as your buddy and use the audio, video call.
  2. View Member Contact Information in the HR tool
    You can also view members’ contact information using the HR tool as described below.

    • App │ Click the Do button to select the HR tool then Company then select Colleagues to view their contact information, tap the mobile number to make a call directly. The search function is avilable to quickly find the person you are looking for.
    • Web │ Click the Do button to select the HR tool, click Colleagues to view their contact information. The search function is avilablet to quickly find the person you are looking for.


  • The cost of phone calls is determined by your plan with your cell phone company.
  • The HR Staff has the authority to hide employee emails and phone numbers in the HR tool’s System Settings.

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