WorkDo Tips: Enable Tools

WorkDo is proud of combining many different tools within one software, let’s learn how to enable those tools!

Mobile: Enable Tools
Workplace, groups and buddies all have basic tools such as Chat, Notes, Tasks, Events, Albums, Files and Polls which are automatically enabled.
There are also advanced tools that require you to enable them. Workplace level has the most advanced tools including HR, Attendance, Leave, Leave Pro, Expenses, Approvals, Conf. Rm, and CRM (plus Cashbook, Phonebook, We Buy and IOU that are also available at the group and buddy levels).

For Leave and Leave Pro, we recommend you to read the description carefully and choose to activate one of them. Activating both may confuse workplace members.

Mobile-Enable Tools 01 Mobile-Enable Tools 02 Mobile-Enable Tools 03

1. Click Do button or Workplace Settings
2. Click Tool Box
3. Switch to Advanced tab and activate tools according to your needs

Web: Enable Tools
Basically the same steps!

Web-Enable Tools 01

Web-Enable Tools 02

Web-Enable Tools 03

For more information, please check out Resource Center: A comprehensive guide to WorkDo

Google Play (Android): WorkDo 3.4.14 and above
App Store (iOS): WorkDo 3.4.14 and above

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