WorkDo 3.1 is here with buddy audio and video call!

WorkDo introduces more new features in our 3.1 update! We added Files, and show the number of members that are away today (Leave Overview) and your clock status of the day (My Clock Stats) in Dashboard! We also added audio and video call function for buddies and export expense requests to PDF form!

Files in Dashboard
Dashboard contains everything you can view within the workplace, your groups and between your buddies and you. This is also the case for Files! You can now view all the files within the workplace, your groups and between yours buddies and you.

▲Check out Files, Leave Overview and My Clock Stats in Dashboard.

Leave Overview and My Clock Stats in Dashboard
Click to quickly access leave overview and your clock stats. We have also added the count of how many people are away today and whether or not you have clocked in.

 WorkDo, Attendance, My Clock Stats   WorkDo, Leave, Overview
▲See who’s away today and your clock status.

Audio and video call between buddies
WorkDo understands your need to communicate effectively and efficiently with the people you work with. We introduced the audio and video call function between buddies. Try to start an audio or video call with your buddies to enhance teamwork today!

WorkDo, Buddy Chat, Audio and Video Call

Export your expense requests to PDF
If your company requires you to print out your expense requests, no worries, click the more button on top right of your request and export it to PDF to print out easily!

Google Play (Android):WorkDo 3.1.12 and above
App Store (iOS):WorkDo 3.1.12 and above

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