What do I do when there is an error on my leave application?

Apply for the wrong type of leave? Wrong date? Incorrect amount of leave days? Fret not! For any reason, if you want to adjust something on your leave application, you may use any one of the methods to rectify your request.

  1. Cancel / Withdraw.
  2. The manager rejects the leave request.
  3. Adjust by the HR Staff.

1 │ Cancel / Withdraw
When a leave request has not been approved, the applicant could cancel it. If it has been approved, then the applicant could withdraw it, but the manager will have to approve the withdrawal. You may refer to the Leave or Leave Pro Tool Manual.

2 │ The Manager Rejects the Request
If the leave request has not been approved, you may inform your direct manager of the error and ask him/her to reject the request.

3 │ Adjust by the HR Staff
Whether your team is using the Leave or Leave Pro, the correct methods of retracting a leave request are always to cancel/withdraw or have the manager reject the leave request. However, if you encounter an unexpected error, you could ask the HR Staff to manually adjust the leaves to the correct amount.

  • Leave
    The HR Staff may refer to the STEP 2-h Adjustment of the Leave Tool Manual.
  • Leave Pro
    The status of the leave application must be canceled, withdrew or rejected, then the HR Staff can use the Employee Balance to adjust the leaves.

Leave Tool Manual  Leave Pro Tool Manual

  • Leave Pro is connected to the HR Calendar that takes work hours, business days, and public holidays into consideration when applying for leaves, which is absent in Leave. So if your team relies on a shift schedule and is using Leave, the leave application has an “actual applied leave hours field” that the applicant and manager could use to manually adjust the leave time.
  • Please use the feedback, error report function to contact us if all the aforementioned steps failed to grant employees their correct amount of leaves.
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