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In terms of team collaboration, it is recommended that you create different groups to tackle different tasks specifically. Once a group has been created, members are able to use different tools to communicate, collaborate and track project progress, etc.

However, in certain instances, if you only want to chat with other members, you can simply create a chatroom instead. The chatroom lacks the ability to use collaboration tools and it’s for chatting only. And if you would like to bring someone who is is not on your buddy list into the chatroom, so long as someone in the chatroom is their buddy, they can help you bring this person into the chatroom.

Create a Chatroom
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. Select the workplace domain.
  2. Click Chats.
  3. Click + New Chat.
  4. Select participants.
  5. Click Done if you are using the WorkDo app and Confirm if you are using the web version.

  • If you would like to invite participants who are not your buddy into the chatroom, you can ask other participants who are their buddy to invite them.
  • A chatroom is for chatting only, therefore, no collaboration tools are provided. If you need to use the collaboration tools, you can either create a group or upgrade the chatroom to a group.
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