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One of the largest hotel chains in the world, with more than 1,100 active hotels and resorts operating, serving millions of guests each year, Holiday Inn, is renowned for its luxurious hospitality services and amenities.

Managing and communicating different teams is difficult, especially when they are constantly on the move delivering exceptional guest experiences. When the Chief Engineer, Jason Granger, of Holiday Inn London, decided that it was time to streamline the workflow and update their legacy system, they began searching for a complete solution that could relieve them of the current predicament. After months of survey and research of collaboration tools on the market, Jason and his teams came to rely on WorkDo.

The Problem
Coordinating multiple teams of staff that are always on the move while handling guest requests is no small feat, coupled with a legacy system that overwrites tasks once the information is updated makes it difficult for the Holiday Inn’s staff to verify completed tasks.

The inability of staff to check the task progress and get updates on certain situations also impede their workflow, causing them to lose valuable time and resources. This problem is even more prominent when they are hosting a conference, convention, or banquet.

The Solution
By utilizing the task management feature, WorkDo simplifies Holiday Inn’s property management, thus, allowing the hotel management and staff to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

The multi-device login feature on the WorkDo app untethers the front desk and allows the hotel staff to be mobile at a moment’s notice and improves the efficiencies by enabling the hotel workforce with real-time updates.

“WorkDo is a great product! I have recommended WorkDo to business owners, as the platform is perfect for all aspects/business needs. Keep up the good work!”

Jason Granger
Chief Engineer

The WorkDo team is delighted to hear another success story. The Holiday Inn made a perfect choice of moving the consolidated property management towards a seamless platform with real-time updates and collaborative features that allows the hotel staff to be agile, productive whiles maximizing revenue without sacrificing the customer service.

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