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In most cases, if your device cannot receive verification SMS are likely due to:

  • You are using a tablet that only has Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Your device doesn’t have a SIM card, or the SIM card is invalid.
  • Your device is set to block business SMS.

If your device is unable to receive SMS, you could opt to log in via your Facebook, Google or WeChat account.

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Typically, when you sign up for WorkDo using a mobile number, email, via federated accounts or bind your account to the company email domain, the system will automatically send a verification SMS to your device. If you did not receive the verification SMS for any reason, please follow the instructions below for troubleshooting.

Fail to receive verification SMS
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. Please check if the mobile number is entered correctly then press “Resend” button to receive the verification SMS.
  2. You can go back to the previous page to reenter the mobile number if it is incorrectly entered.
  3. Verification method:
    • Verification SMS: Please contact your mobile service provider for your business SMS settings if you are still unable to receive the verification SMS after resending it.
    • Verification Email: Please check your spam or junk folder first if you did not receive the verification email in your inbox.
  4. Use other methods to sign up for WorkDo or Contact Us for assistance.

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