WorkDo 2.6 has new features to enhance teamwork!

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Android: 2.6.31
iOS: 2.6.29
Web Interface

New features:
-Workplaces created with free email addresses (such as gmail or hotmail) can now be binded with a company email if you wish by going to Workplace tab > Settings icon > Workplace Binding and just follow the steps. Binding your workplace with a company email allows members with the same company email address to join easily.
-Default groups in workplace. We have set up two default groups (WorkDo Testing and Information Hub) for all the new workplaces. New members that join the workplace will also automatically join the two default groups. Please note you can edit or delete the groups any time you wish.
-Owner and admins can recall chat messages.
-New members will see a welcome dialogue. Owner and admins can change the content of the welcome dialogue by going to Workplace tab > Settings icon > Workplace Info > Workplace Description.
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