Use WorkDo to Work Effortlessly

We do many things every day at work and it can get hectic and stressful, especially coordinating with people across departments. 

Lists, your first thought when it comes to organizing your daily chores. But then you can’t assign to multiple people when you need help on a single task or add additional content such as a file or a picture.

Let’s say you need to finish a PowerPoint presentation by the end of the week and you need to coordinate others such as Will from the art department to provide images that convey the right messages, Wendy from the analytics department to provide you with the accurate figures of the market and of your company and lastly, you need Waneta to provide financial figures to show that your company is and has been financially strong and trustworthy. You can have a work app that only provides chat services and another to make task lists. What about one app that can do all that?

With WorkDo, you can start a small group within your company workplace for this particular project. You add Will, Wendy, and Waneta into the group to easily facilitate group discussions. With tools such as Notes, Tasks, Events, Polls and Files, you can coordinate this project with just one app, WorkDo. Assign a task to each of your team members or create a general task and assign subtasks to each individual. You can attach pictures to the task you assigned to Will so Will knows what kind of images you want. You can add files or URL links to the task you assigned to Wendy so Wendy knows what kind of graph presentation you want to show, bar graph, pie chart or heat map.

To schedule a meeting, you can use Events to get everyone together and discuss this project face-to-face. Furthermore, you can upload a file such as the PowerPoint presentation you created last year to share to the team as an example of what you are looking for in the current one. You can also start a poll to ask the team’s opinions on which direction to go with the presentation.

The tasks, events, and polls related to you from different groups or just within the workplace will all be in the Dashboard for quicker access.

Try it, you’ll see how it can make teamwork effortless.