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WorkDo’s messenger features a read receipt function. These receipts are the check marks / read indicator and numbers that appear next to each message you send. The read receipts allow the sender to know when his/her message is read and by how many people in the chatroom.

The read receipt is indicated with

  • Chatroom List │ A number and check mark.
  • Chatroom │ A number and Read indicator.

In certain chatrooms, if there are things that are of no concern to you, you could use the Read function to instantly appear as read to all messages and posts, and here’s how it’s done!

Appear as Read All Messages and Posts
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. On the workplace page.
  2. Click the Chats tab to display all chatrooms chatrooms.
  3. Read
    • App │ Press and hold then select Read or swipe left and select Read to have all messages and posts read.
    • Web │ Simply enter the chatroom to have all messages and post read.

  • The timestamp below the read receipt is the message sent time.
  • The read receipt number indicates how many people have read the message thus will only appear in chatrooms with more than two people. In one-to-one chatrooms, only the Read indicator will appear.
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