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Every WorkDo user has a unique QR code upon sign up. Share your QR code with other users and they can quickly and easily add you as a buddy (friend) or add you into groups.

There are numerous ways to share user QR code depending on the situation or user preference. Users can also refresh and update thie QR code when needed.

Join groups or add buddies via QR code
Plan:All plans
Permission:All users


  1. My QR Code
    • App │ Click the icon on the upper-right-hand corner and select My QR Code.
    • Web │ Click the icon on the upper-right-hand corner and click App Settings and you can find My QR Code option on the side menu.

  3. Sharing Methods
    • Display QR Code
      Display your WorkDo QR code for other users to scan and add you as a buddy. Users can also add members via QR code in the group settings to add you into groups.
    • Save QR Code
      Save the QR code to your device and share it with other users. The web version users can right-click the QR code and save it to your PC.
    • Copy Link
      Acting the same as the QR code, you can share your link to other users to add you as a buddy.
    • Scan QR Code
      Available to the app version only, use this option to scan other users’ QR codes to add them as buddies or add them into groups.
    • Refresh QR Code
      A user QR code QR code will not expire, should situation arise that you no longer want your QR code to stay active, simply refresh your QR code to update it.


  • Other users will always add you as a buddy when clicking your link.
  • Click Group Settings > Add Members > QR Code to scan user QR code or select a user QR code that is saved on your device to add this member into the group.
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