Start Workplace In 5 Steps

Invite Team Members
  • Invite team members to join the workplace and try out the collaboration features.
  • The system will provide corresponding invitation methods according to whether the enterprise email domain is used when establishing the workplace.
Join Your Workplace
Auto-join after registration.
Create workplace first then invite team members
  • A member must at least join a workplace.
  • Members with the same company email domain could freely join the workplace.
  • The workplace admins have to invite team members for companies that use free email services.
Set Workplace Admin

  • Workplace Admins = 1 owner + multiple admins.
  • Owner:Same permission as the admins and could delete workplace and transfer the ownership to other admins.
  • Admin:Maintain and manage the workplace settings.
Tool Activation & Permission Control
Tools like Attendance, Leave Pro, Payroll, Overtime are all here!

  • The basic tools are enabled by default, the advanced  tools can be enabled as needed.
  • Once enabled, the workplace admins have the highest permission.
  • It is recommended that you take the time to set up all the tools right now.
Configure the Advanced Tools Settings

  • All tools have their own required settings, user guides are available for reference.
  • Follow the order in Do > Advanced in setting up tools.
  • Only the Attendance tool requires the app to complete its settings.
  • When all the tool settings are done, then you can enable to tools for all members to use.
Comprehensive Manuals Available