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WorkDo team collaboration, business productivity app and BuddyDo nonprofit community management app are both proprietary cloud services of BuddyDo Inc., thus, when you sign up for either one of the aforementioned services, your account is automatically created for the other service. You can use one account and log into both WorkDo and BuddyDo.

You can register by using a mobile phone number, email account or 3 other external accounts described below, the more external accounts you link, the easier it is for you to log in.

personal Personal Information

This is the personal information for your registered account, all the linked accounts will be applied with this profile. If you join multiple workplaces and need to display different personal information, please go to “More” settings of each workplace to edit your personal information.

My Do-ID

Set your Do-ID, your Do-ID is used as an identification purpose when you add new buddies and colleagues.

Your Do-ID is shared among both WorkDo and BuddyDo services, and you will be unable to change and alter your Do-ID once it's set.

binding WorkDo Login Account

Your login account is the email address that you used to when going through workplace domain’s verification process. The system will automatically link the email address with the original registered account, which can also be used as the login account.

federated External Accounts

Facebook, Google and WeChat can be registered and linked to your existing account. If you used your mobile phone number or email account to register, you can also link these 3 external accounts and use any of them as your login account.