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Better teamwork through smarter tools

WorkDo brings together productivity tools for you to manage your company on one platform.


Manage employee and department profiles quickly and easily.


Clock in and out easily with monthly summary to track work hours.


Coordinates with HR for managers to easily plan work schedules.


Apply for expenses easily and managers can easily verify the applied expenses.


All your outstanding tasks and events at one glance.


Track progress easily with task completion data.


Multiple types of files can be uploaded to support your ideas.


Obtain participation rate quickly with invitee attendance data.

All industries can enjoy a better and more effective way to communicate and work as a team

Close to 10,000 firms, organizations and teams are using WorkDo to experience a better solution
Decrease ineffective communication time
Decrease ineffective communication time
Enhance team productivity
Enhance team productivity
Increase workflow efficiency
Increase workflow efficiency

WorkDo cares deeply about your workplace’s data security

Work easy & Work smart!
  • Amazon Web Services: top notch cloud data security

    WorkDo uses the world-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store and transfer data. This ensures us to achieve dynamic load balance and backup storage security of our products and services. Resources can also be allocated efficiently and effectively depending on the load for continuous and uninterrupted service.

  • Financial institute-level of encryption

    WorkDo internal data transfer is encrypted using financial institute-level of AES 256-bit SSL/TLS to provide a comprehensive protection of user data.

  • 【高可用性、高度彈性應用管理機制】


  • 【嚴謹資安,提供可靠、安心的服務】


Cross-Platform services


*Browsers support : Edge / Firefox / Chrome / Safari
*iOS : Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
*Android : Requires Android 4.2 or later

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